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The Circle: Founders Club is a digital first business accelerator to help scale up early-stage startups through focused mentoring, shared business services, funding support, key business collaborations and global access.

Founders Club will be virtual in nature, with the added opportunity for startups to be based out of The Circle.Work, which is a collaborative and creative hub for innovation in the heart of Gurugram.

Founders Club is backed by Hunch Ventures, which has a portfolio of investments in excess of $ 30 Mn. The values of the Founders Club are an extension of Hunch’s vision of creating long term partnerships and relationships while taking pride and pleasure in growing together.

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A space that breathes intelligence and feeds on creativity, collaboration and innovation. With its most advanced infrastructure and a wide array of services, The Circle makes working a truly gratifying experience.

Co-Working spaces

The Circle with its 2,00,000 sq. ft area ensures that you get ample space to ideate, create and innovate.

Programs for the Impact

The Circle aims to be the harbinger of a change and an ultimate solution to the problems one faces when it comes to working in an urban sector. 

At the Heart of Gurugram

Located at the heart of Gurugram, The Circle is just a walk inside the Huda City Centre metro station.


The Circle provides with an ideal atmosphere for breeding the brightest of minds from all around the world.

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Cream and Black Image Interior Design Mo
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Hunch Ventures partners with innovative and visionary entrepreneurs in building out their businesses. Hunch looks at capital efficient business models that use technology to improve customer experience. Founded by Mr. Karanpal Singh, Hunch focuses investments across core sectors such as health, retail, hospitality, education, media and new age technology. Entrepreneurship, innovation and technologies enable efficiency and ease to our daily living, is the core investment philosophy. Hunch works with founders in scaling their business by leveraging its global network and find synergise within its diverse portfolio.

Current portfolio of Hunch includes: Comprehensive Healthcare Systems (Healthcare, USA), Vmobo Inc (Retail, USA), Cloud Raxak (Technology, USA), GoodTimes(Media, India), Quintessentially Lifestyle (Retail, India), MyHealthcare (Healthcare, India), Empowertrans (Power & Technology, India), Vagupu (Education,India), SpotDraft (Technology, India), The Quorum (Hospitality, India), TalentNext (Media, India) and The Circle (Retail, India).

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