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The Five Pillars of 

Founders Club


Our comprehensive team of mentors will engage you with learning modules and skill sessions to equip founders with the essentials of growing a business


Investing not just in ideas, but the people behind those ideas. We will connect you with our global Circle of Angels led by our specialized investment division

Business Services

Access a wide community of collaborators in the form of mentors, partner businesses, vendors, specialists and a host of other talented individuals who will help grow your company

 Corporate Innovation 

We help you with corporate connections to forge new business relationships and to help propel the growth of your business by broadening market access

Global Access

Building special relationships and fostering them for the long term. Network with our global partners to take advice on how your business can integrate with the international market

5th Floor, Huda Metro Station,

Sector-29, Gurgaon-120002,

Haryana (IN)

Ph: +91-11-411-83787


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