Get market access for Business Opportunities in Israel and direct connect with relevant funds and investors from Israel.
Write to to enroll your startup.
"Scale up" and Participate in global bridge programmes with other tech hubs network. Also, get a direct entry in the custome made events and activities. Write to for more details.
Get a chance to enroll in Incubation & Acceleration programs evolved in Silicon Valley, adapted for India. Mentorships with seasoned and experienced experts in the network. Prepare for Demo Day and Pitch Days or for Level 3. Also, get direct access to the Level 4 of the 100 open Startups of the global movement.
Apply now:
Get a direct support for eligible AI & Data Science startups with GPU Credits. *GPU Credits.
Write to to avail the benefits.
A government initiative with a platform for innovators to bring their market ready products and solutions to industry thereby helping propel India into a new era of inclusive economic growth. Write to to register.


$5,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years
1 year of AWS Business Support (up to $1,500).
80 credits for self-paced labs
Zero Transaction Fees for 6 Months (For 1 Lakh Maximum Transaction Volume/month).
Zero Setup Cost.
Zero Annual Maintenance Cost.
$500 Credit, Free Access to Virtual Office Hours with DO Team for Consultation on Platform and Architecture Queries.
An Offer of $3000 Credits in Cloud and Firebase, Access to Google Engineers for Office Hours, In-depth 1:1 Architecture Reviews and Invitations to Exclusive Local Events.
4000 Credit Points to Utilize Their Cloud Telephony Services.
The Offer of The First 150 Transactions is Completely Free, Which Will be Valid For 3 Months. Zero Setup Cost.
Zero Annual Maintenance Cost.
- 4,000 USD Credits across Freshworks suite of products
- Upgrade to 10,000 USD for select startups and invested in by Hunch
The offer rolled out would be as below.
Upto 4Lac worth credits valid upto 8 months.
Zero Annual Maintenance Charges
Zero Setup Fees
- Up to $50,000 in Segment credits (enough to track 200,000 users for free for up to two years!)
- $1,000,000+ in partner deal value to build your analytics & growth stack (think Segment-exclusive deals with AWS, Amplitude, Intercom, Hotjar,, ActiveCampaign, Mode Analytics, and many more).
3 months free usage of SpotDraft starter plan worth INR 75k
· NVIDIA will support eligible AI & Data Science startups from FC as an extension of NVIDIA Inception program
· NVIDIA Inception will provide GPU credits for eligible Data Science/ AI Startups in Circle FC · NVIDIA Inception team will communicate the partner program information in the relevant geographies
· NVIDIA Inception will suggest mentors and support tech mentorship for matured AI/ Data science startups on GPU computing
· NVIDIA will help Circle FC in setting up a “Data Centre” for Startups on a future date provided FC is agreeing to a minimum installation of 5AI Peta Flops NVIDIA GPU systems.
· NVIDIA will not be responsible for any indemnification of the T&C and the time-period of the partnership will be until January 2021.


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